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BSA calculator  

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How is BSA calculated?

      In oncology practice doses of chemotherapy drugs are usually expressed as mgs per M2of the body surface area (BSA). This is much more accurate and tailored to each patient compared to dosing on the basis of weight alone which is used in most other specialties of medicine. This means that the dose of that drug is so much of mgs per M2of the body surface area of the patient. The total dose of the chemotherapy is calculated by multiplying the dose of the chemotherapy drug with the BSA. To make it clearer, let me discuss one example. A commonly used dose of Doxorubicin used in the treatment of breast cancer is 60mg/ M2. If your weight is 80 kilograms and your height is 156 centimeters, your BSA would be 1.8 M2. The suggested dose of doxorubicin dose is 60mg/ M2and this means dose is 60 mg for every 1 M2 of your BSA. To calculate your actual dose of doxorubicin you will multiply the 60mg with your BSA. The result is as follows. Total doxorubicin dose is 60mg x 1.8M2 = 108 mg. Once you understand this basic concept everything is very simple, dont you agree with me?

      Now you know how to calculate the total dose of a chemotherapy drug, if you BSA and the dose of the chemotherapy drug. You may be wondering how in the world, I would be calculating the BSA. Let me reassure you that BSA can be calculated if you know the height and weight of a person the BSA can be easily calculated using a specialized formula. Now I am going to give the formula for calculation of BSA, but word of caution before I do this. Dont panic! Dont panic looking at this complex formula. I can promise you that once you finish with this article you will be able to calculate your BSA and total dose of chemotherapy very easily, regardless of your knowledge in mathematics. Please have patience and hang on till we finish this article.